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Bloguary Day 15: Hanging with the Huie’s

Well hello there day 15! We’re halfway through Bloguary!


Weston will be 4 months on Friday and is already cutting teeth. I can feel one little sharp guy on the bottom and another coming in right next to it. Finally some answers for all the fussiness we’ve been dealing with.  It’s been pretty crazy in our house since Christmas. Poor little pea! I knew he was teething even though the PA we saw looked at me like I was a nut when I suggested it. Sometimes mama knows best!

Yep yesterday looked a little something like this.


I was recording a little family video last night (Weston had a couple 1st I wanted to document) and thought “Hey let’s just use this for tomorrow’s Bloguary post” I had my hands full with Mr. Fussy and didn’t have time to get a post together. This vlog is a little more natural for me! Just a clip of us hanging out on the couch with the pups and our little man chatting about random stuff.  It’s fun! I think you’ll like it.


In the vlog I talk about a few things and say that I’ll share a photo of in the post. Here they are……..

1st time riding big boy style in his stroller.



My view looking down while we got our mall walk on!



So sad that he’s growing out of these little shoes! I bought them from someone on instagram and I forget who. The pattern they used to make them fits his foot perfectly. I’ve since bought a couple other pairs from etsy vendors but they just don’t look as cute or fit his foot as well.

The photo my mom texted me yesterday. Oh my chubbyness. Look at those cheeks! This is me fresh out of tummy.  Everyone says Weston looks exactly like Kent, he does but I see some of me too! Especially when you see this and photos of him from the hospital. We look like swollen freshly baked twins!



Thanks for all the Instagram love on yesterday’s vlog. I was super nervous recording that and y’all made me smile real big!  I sure love my instagram buddies!





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