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Bloguary Day 12: Birthday Calendar

As a New Year’s gift to the grandparents I put together a calendar full of Weston photos. The whole photo calendar idea is not new but I was extremely happy with ours so I thought I would share as well my plans for our copy.


When I set down to do this project I had a few key things I was looking for
-A cute predesigned template
-The ability to personalize dates
-Software that was fast and easy to use
-Fair prices as I planned to order multiple copies

I searched around a little bit and decided to go with Vistaprint. They have tons of cute calendar designs. I liked their templates better than some of the high end photo printing sites. I went with this layout.

As a photographer I can be a little snobbish about where I order prints from. I was a little worried about the quality and photo transfer as Vistaprint is not really a photo printing site but I was pleasantly surprised! The colors and sharpness transferred well!


I loved how you can personalize dates! I found a neat website that list corky holidays to celebrate each month. I picked a few of my favorites and included them in the calendar.

HELLO positive thinking day! Love that! There’s also a send a card day and my favorite may be national Bubble Bath day!  Kent was excited about national Cheeseburger Day!

You can find the fun holiday site HERE 



The calendar was super easy to put together and reasonably priced! I ordered 6 copies which ended up being around $6.00 per calendar. Not bad huh?

I ordered a copy for the house that I’m using as  our birthday calendar. I’ve gathered the birthday’s of family members and close friends so I can do a better job of acknowledging the people we love on their special day.

I’ll also be celebrating all the fun holidays I included.   Up next is national dress up your pet day!



My mama with her calendar! So far it’s been a hit with the grandparents!



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