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Bloguary Day 10 – I Was Attacked By A Mary Kay Lady

Okay I may be over exaggerating just a smidge but not much. I certainly felt as though I had been attacked minus the bruises and cuts. No, no punches were thrown but my goodness this was a doozy!

I was so angry after all this went down I did what any good vlogger/blogger would do…….grabbed my camera sat down and shared the craziness! I also chat about my views on the massive amount of newtwork marking. Why I don’t want to be pushed into buying something and why I’ve cut back on facebook.

Today’s post is dedicated to the Target Mary Kay Lady! Because of her I had something to blog about. So thank you May Kay lady! May your business be prosperous and may you find a better sales tactic!



Ps….Friendly reminder! If you’re participating in this year’s Valentine’s Box Swap your questionnaire is due tonight. If I don’t receive it by 12am you will be dropped from the swap.

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