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Bloguary Day 1: Simple Christmas Decorations

I feel the need to confess.
It’s been 2 years since I’ve decorated for Christmas.
Work is super crazy September-December like live in my office all the live long day kind of busy. Then it’s get ready for Christmas mode. Followed by all the Christmas festivities.
I’m spent by the time December rolls around and have zero desire to decorate or mess with putting all the decorations away after the holidays.
So I stopped.
No nutcrackers. No tree. No wreath on the front door. It was full on bah-humbug in our house. Well maybe not bah-humbug status but it was close.


Now that nugget is here and it’s his 1st Christmas and all I felt he had to have a Christmas tree!
So I decided to come back from Christmas décor hiatus BUT I was going to go about decorating differently this time around. 
I wanted simplicity……..clean….easy……

So here ya have it!

Christmas tree 2013

Our necked tree! Isn’t she pretty?
A vintage sleigh by the fire place and some greenery on the mantle annnnnnnd
I was done.


I used to love a themed tree packed full of coordinating ornaments (I have tons) but now I really love the idea of building our collection with ornaments we gather as a family.
All beautiful and mismatched but full of meaning and memories. That’s what it’s all about, ya know.



And just because he’s too cute here’s a photo of the little Mr. with his grandma. The holidays are extra sweet now that the nugget’s here. More on our 1st family Christmas in a later post.


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