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Blgouary Day 30: Surviving Teething *Update*


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Hey friends!

I’ve fallen off the bloguary bandwagon a little this week. Things have been a nuts in the Huie house. My little sweet pea has decided to scream like a banshee at night. This of course started happening the day after I filmed the vlog below where I said “Thank goodness he’s still sleeping through the night.”

The last time he did this he had 2 little pearly whites to show for it so I’m guessing we’re in the early stages of teething…….again! My poor little chunk. I can’t even image how much pain sprouting teeth must be. I feel awful for him and a little for me too.


In today’s vlog I give ya an update on where we’re at with the whole teething debatable. What we’ve done for pain relief. My thoughts on the amber necklace. Infant centers to help with a fussy busy baby. Mommy groups, and a little about the Happiness Project. 

Grab a hot beverage and come back and hangout with me for today’s vlog!  


Today is the last day to register for the Valentine Box Swap. Registration closes tonight! 






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