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Birthday Q&A

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IT’S MY BIRTHDAY and I’m spending it in my most favorite place……the Colorado mountain tops! We’re only a few days into our trip but lots of fun has been had! We’re been checking in on Instagram (Kendra_Huie) and Snap Chat (Kendra_Huie) sharing a little bit of our adventures if you would like to follow along.

Before we headed out on our trip I asked my Snap Chat family to shoot me some questions for a fun birthday Q&A.

Boy did they deliver!

So many fun questions! I didn’t want this to get too terribly long so I wasn’t able to get to all of them but I’ll save the ones I missed for another Q&A down the road!

Let’s get this birthday bash started!!!!


  1. Favorite Cake?
    CARROT CAKE (yes that must be screamed)! Especially the one from Bonnie Ruth’s. They use pineapple in their recipe and it’s totally drool worthy! If you’re local you must go have a slice then come back and tell me how right I am!
  2. Favorite birthday memory as a child?
    Love this question! It made me think back on so many great memories (my family does a great job of celebrating birthdays) but if I have to pick a favorite it has to be the year my parents surprised me with a puppy. I was turning 8 (I think). I had been asking for a puppy for the longest and I was 100% sure they were not going to get me one. They even told me so…..over and over and over. The day of my birthday we were all together in the living room and my mom asked me to close my eyes while they brought my birthday gift out. It seemed like I had my eyes closed forever and I started wondering what could possibly take so long to bring out. A new bike? Did they get me a bird? I totally heard a bird chirp. Okay a bird is not a puppy but I could learn to love it. When they told me I could open my eyes there was a fluffy white puppy sitting on my lap, not a bird. She was absolutely precious and looked like a big cotton ball with eyes. I melted and cried my eyes out while I held my new puppy. We later named her Tiffany. She was my buddy and in many of childhood memories. Oh man there was also that time that my mom and step-father surprised me with a car. Oh gosh so many many good ones but I’ll stop for now.
  3. What kind of student were you in school? I was always the kid that was getting in trouble for talking. My teachers would move me around the class room placing me next to people they thought I wouldn’t befriend. Within a few days we were best buds chatting up a storm and my teacher would move me to a new spot. I was a good kid but school wasn’t my jam. Flash forward to the current time…….I’m still a chatter box and I still loath school. The idea of sitting in a lecture hall literally makes me nauseous.
  4. What extra curricular activities did you do?
    Dance, dance, dance! I started dance classes when I was tiny. That rolled over to a competitive dance team, then drill team and another dance team in college.
  5. How many kids are in your family?
    Oh this is a tricky question! My family is a bit of a patchwork quilt. Are you ready for this? Here we go…….I have 1 brother and sister and 4 step siblings (2 step sisters and 2 step brothers)….whew!
  6. Sweets are your weakness (bwahaha my Snap Chat family knows me well). What would you pick over the other: cake brownies, pie, or ice cream?
     I honestly had to think on this one for a while. I’m going to go with ice cream which kind of surprises me but their ya have it!
  7. Favorite birthday gift from Kent?
    He loves to give me concert tickets for my birthday. A while back I told him I wanted something I could enjoy on my actual birthday and not something I had to wait months to enjoy. Well he didn’t listen and got me tickets to see Paolo Nutini for my birthday. He’s one of my favorite artist! I did have to wait a few months to see him perform it was my most favorite concert and memories with Kent. I was newly pregnant with Carson and there were lots of twist and turns that made it an interesting yet amazing night! I’ll have to share the story in a later post. It’s a good one!
  8. What absolutely has to to be done before you can go to bed?
    Monday-Friday my gym clothes HAVE to be out and ready to go. I also get my water ready untie my shoes put my socks next to them and make sure I know where my keys are. I’m pretty much a zombie at 4am so I need things to be as simple as possible so I can get out the door and to the gym on time.
  9. What job did you think you were going to have when you grew up?
    I had a few that rotated in and out. When I was really young I wanted to be an actress or a dancer. When I got a little older around middle school I decided I wanted to work for an advertising firm until we had someone from the field come talk to us about the industry. She told us how competitive it was and that killed it for me. From there I decided that teaching was the industry for me! That stuck throughout college and ended up being a profession that I took on. Now I dream of being a travel host for a TV show when I grow up. 😉
  10. Will you ever go back to teaching?
    I’m a never say never kind of gal but for now I don’t see it happening in the near future. I left teaching to pursue my photography career full time. I had 8 good years as a photographer and hope to get back into it when the boys are in a less needy stage. Although I have thought about teaching photography classes so you see….never say never!
  11. If you could be any Disney princess who would you pick?
    I LOVE Rapunzel from Tangled. Boy mom over here, is she considered a Disney princess?
  12. What is your go to breakfast?
    Right now I’m digging a bagel thin topped in almond butter sprinkled with dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds….yum!
  13. Do you have any crazy human tricks or hidden talents?
    I was going to say nope I’m pretty boring but Kent said I have to mention that I have photographic memory. Is that considered a human trick? Not sure but we’ll go with it. When I need to remember something I do this thing where I stop whatever I’m doing focus on what it is I need to remember and take a literal snap shot in my mind. If it’s something like piece of information I can’t see in front of me I picture the information in my mind and connect it with some type of mental writing or drawling then take a mental snap shot. Once I do this whatever it is that I’m trying to remember is locked in my mind. Is that weird? Typing that out sounds so weird!
  14. Funniest dating experience with Kent?
    This is another one I had to get Kent to weigh in on. We’ve been together for so long (16 years) and have so many funny memories it’s hard to pick the funniest. Kent said one that sticks out to him happened when we were in China. We were in a small town that does not see a lot of Caucasian people especially tall ones with curly hair. We were walking in the city headed to do something and people stopped us to pet my hair…..yes they literally pet me. They couldn’t believe it was real and were talking to Kent while I stood there smiling having no idea what they were saying while I was circled in people petting me.

Thanks again to those who Snapped me questions! This was a fun way to kick off my birthday!

We’ll be vlogging today so if you want to see what we get into stay tuned for a birthday vlog!





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