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Best VLOGS of 2016

It was so fun walking down vlog memory lane to pick my favorites from the year!

Here they are listed from oldest to newest.

I’m the mean mom that finds this stuff hilarious! Watch Carson’s face towards the end when he does a double take.
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Watching this one made me cry all over again. This is a special one! Weston passes out flowers to the ladies and I get choked up.
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Just a normal day but this one really gets me….the little hat Carsie is wearing (he lived in that last winter) warms my heart right up. We take the boys to a fun playground and celebrate Valentines as a family.
Oh and Carson’s sweet giggle at during our lunch swoon! Just a bunch of beautiful mundane which is what I love capturing.
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Carson’s hair was still curly and he was full of sweet chubbiness! The part where he and Weston are dancing and the way Weston says guitar “Katar”…melt! This was a good reminder that we need more dance parties in our lives.
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Oh my gosh the second this one started playing I bawled. This isn’t the most interesting vlog but it’s sweet and simple and I hope that it motivates you to set up your camera, phone, whatever you have and record moments like this with your children. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy! Just capture them in their current season because it will be gone in a flash and a video like this will take you right back to a time that may not be so vibrant in your mind. This is one I’ll cherish for a lifetime.
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 Another one where we I just grabbed my phone because it was all I has close by and document the moment. Weston does my makeup!
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We do a little antiquing with my mom. We find a new park and celebrate Mothers’ Day. Oh my gosh do y’all remember the desk? THE DESK! The one I found while thrifitng that ended up not fitting though our office door and caused all the trouble afterwards? I mention it in this vlog. Little did I know, right?
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We got our cabin on in Oklahoma and took you guys along! I always love our travel vlogs and I have several from last year waiting for me to edit! I need to get on that stat!
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I’m not sure why but I always LOVE watching our tree decorating ones. I shared this one on the blog recently so you may have seen it but if you missed it we go to the tree lot to find the perfect tree and try to decorate it while the boys are awake which doesn’t go over so well.
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Oh man how I cherish these vlogs of ours!

I’ve set a goal to vlog more next year and walking down the vlog memory lane fully cemented that goal.

I so enjoy recording and sharing them with you!

We bought a new vlogging camera before our summer travels (Canon G 7X) which I LOVE!
For Christmas Kent gifted me a new tripod that attaches to the car so we can do chatty vlogs during road trips and another tripod to use for hauls and sit down chat vlogs. Up until this point I’ve been stacking the camera on boxes (super high tech).

Soooooooo with all the new gear bring on more vlogs in 2017!

I’m currently working on our Christmas vlog (3 days of Christmas fun) and should have it ready next week!

Other vlogs coming up (most of these have already been recorded)…..

  • A Weight Watchers chat
  • An update on the hair loss situation
  • What I got for Christmas haul
  • A paper planner chat
  • Target $ 1 spot haul
  • Consignment haul
  • How we did with our 2016 goals
  • Goals for the new year
  • And lots and lots of travel vlogs

If you enjoy our vlogs what I’ve shared on the blog today is a teeny tiny sampling of what we have over on our YouTube channel. So while you wait for new vlogs to come out be sure to stop by our YouTube page (Right Here) and see what else you may have missed from us.

Also just a little heads up……

Some vlogs do not make it into a blog post like this one “My Favorite Christmas Ornaments” or this one “The Boys Decorate A Gingerbread House” Be sure you’ve subscribed to our YouTube page (it’s free) by clicking that little red subscribe button on the main page so you don’t miss out on the fun next year!

See you guys in 2017!




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