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Best Post of 2016


We’re rounding out another year of blogging
It’s still blows my mind that I’ve been blogging for 9 years……9YEARS!!!!


At the end of 2015 we moved our established blog from Blogger over to WordPress.

It was a bit scary.

Would people move over with us?
Would we have to start all over?
Would I know how to use the new platform?

We’ve been in our new place for a year now.
We did have to start over.
We did lose a good majority of our readers.
I did have to learn a new platform.

Even though my concerns came to reality I can honestly say that it was indeed a good move.
A move that brought on growth and lots of new blog buddies (you guys) that I feel even more connected with than ever before!

So just a little hello to you……
If you’re one of our long time blog buddies we’re so grateful that you moved over with us and continue to check in.
If you’re one of our newer blog buddies we’re tickled that our paths crossed and you’ve found this little space of ours interesting enough to stick around!

Hopefully we’ve connected with you throughout the year here in the comment section, on Instagram (Kendra_Huie), on Snap Chat (Kendra_Huie), or Facebook.

If we haven’t connected reach out in the comments below and let’s have a little chat!

When I went back over our blog to pick our best post from the year it became more of a hunt for the post I LOVED creating. Maybe not technically the best. I’m sure you’ll find typos galore (because hello its me), my thoughts may not be perfectly curated, things may be technically off. What I’m sharing today is not the best in regards to all that but a listing of all the post I loved creating or stories I enjoyed sharing with you over the year.

I hope some of these were you’re favorites as well!
So here’s a small sampling of “The Best” post from the year.
They’re listed oldest to newest from 2016.


It Was A Good Year (2015)


Favorite Drugstore Makeup www.hangingwiththehuies.com 2015

Favorite Drugstore Makeup From 2015


Hanging With The Huies Valentines Photo 2The Boys Valentine’s Photos


IMG_0885 copy 2

What My Second Child Has Taught Me

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

Carsie-Bear Turns One



Weekend Round Up Cabin Edition

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

Because Weird Stuff Happens To Me

2. Broken Bow OK hangingwiththehuies.com huie boys

The boy’s Spring photos


Durango www.haningwiththehuies.com

Flash Back to Durango, Colorado


Road Trip Playlist 2016 www.hangingwiththehuies.com

The Ultimate Mountain Road Trip Playlist



Photography From a Place of Passion



Movies I Could Watch Over And Over



How We Find & Book The Cabins We Stay In

I have so many fun things planned for this little space of ours in the New Year. I sure hope you’ll join us on the journey!

I’ll be back later this week with a Best VLOGS from 2016 post!

In the meantime be sure to reach out if we’ve yet to connect or maybe we already have and you would like to say hi! I’d also love to hear what you would like to see from us in 2017! Lay those post ideas on me!




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