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Behind on Life

Yep it’s so very true!
I’m pretty much behind on life.
It all started when I became a mama and it’s just snowballed into one massive running To Do list since. 
From the simple things like laundry all the way to important adult stuff.
If you were given a grade on life in the “Stays on Top of Things” section I would get a big fat red F with a scribble circle around it.

Anyone else out there with me?
Behind on Lifers?
Maybe there’s a support group for us?
But knowing us most of us would show up late or not at all.
So maybe a support group isn’t such a great idea.
Oh but I would totally be down for a fun printed ‘’’Behind on Lifers” tee. We could support each other through cute comfy shirts…..YESSSS!
Let’s add it to the list. It’ll totally get done!

Speaking of to do list I started inching towards checking something off that’s been on the list for 2 years.

I’m a photographer which many of you already know.
I’m guessing you think our home if full of my work framed or print on beautiful canvases.


In fact most of the photos I’ve shot of Weston aren’t even edited and sit on my hard drive in RAW format waiting for attention and some PhotoShop love.  
No joke I haven’t even touched his 1st year cake smash photos and he’ll be 2 in September.

See BIG FAT F I tell ya!

But guess what?
Something special happened today!
The clouds parted angels sang unicorns danced in the sky holding hands with flying pigd and both my boys fell asleep AT.THE.SAME.TIME! That’s pretty big stuff for a mama with more than one little.
I took this awesome gift of time and started sorting though my photos……

Photos I need to edit
Photo edited that I wanted to include on our wall
Photos I wanted to print but place in an album.

I made some progress!
After my boys wake up and I can get into their closest aka where I store all my thrifted frames I’ve been collecting for said project for over 2 years. I’m going to see what size frames I have to work with and place my print order!

The Huie Gallery wall is happening friends.
But there is one problem…….

Do you think it’s okay to have a wall full of only Weston photos because that’s pretty much all I’ve got to work with right now?
Ya know behind on life and all.  
I’m sorry Carson mama loves you and I have tons of cute phone photos of you.
I better get my DSLR out and start taking quality photos of Carson fast before he catches on and says “No thank you. No thank you. No thank you” while looking at his feet like his brother.

Poor Weston has PKS (Photographer’s Kid Syndrome) the struggle is real my friends.

So maybe instead of a Huie family gallery wall we’ll have a Weston shrine.
Here are a few of the photos I shot that I actually did edit and am considering for our wall. 

Until I take some of Carson I may just print out a piece of paper and frame it that says “Insert photo of Carson here.” I’m kidding…..I’m kidding!

IMG_7685-edit2 copy

1 Weston Bubbles 4

6m 4 copy

IMG_3520 copy



IMG_4504ed2 copy

IMG_4442 copy

IMG_4565 copy




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