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And Tomorrow He Turns 2

Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating Weston’s 2nd birthday!

Oh my gosh y’all I have a 2 year old! WHAT THE WHAT!?!

Instead of a party we’re doing the same thing we did for him last year…….
A day full of extra special fun.
Of course presents and a yummy treat will be involved.
He’s not really into cake but he loves ice cream so ice cream it is with cherries and sprinkles of course!

Tomorrow just he and I will be celebrating during the day. I have some fun car themed crafts and outings planned……..
because as we all know cars are his most favorite thing!
Kent is taking off early so we can take him to a special dinner at Peter Piper Pizza.
In a toddlers eye’s that’s some fine dining right there!

Kent is taking the day off on Friday so we can take him for a fun outing during the day!
I’m digging this no party thing because we’re able to put what we would spend on a party towards activities, outings, and special treatment for the birthday boy but I have a feeling this will be his last birthday without an actually party.
As soon as he’s old enough to tell us that’s what he wants then a party it is!

I’ll be vlogging Thursday and Friday so if you want to see what we did to celebrate little dude be sure to visit our YouTube channel.

Not sure why but his 2nd birthday is hitting me a lot harder than his 1st did.
Maybe because he’s more of a little boy now.

He talks up a storm.
He plays like a little boy (which is one of my most favorite things to watch).
I can reason with him.
He asks legit questions.
I find myself staring at him and thinking………..
how did this happen?
You were my sweet chunk just days ago now you’re this little boy.

I’ve been thinking back to “pregnant Kendra”
All the emotions I was experiencing as we prepared for his arrival.
The big belly I loved so much. Feeling him kick and move around.
The anticipation of seeing him for the 1st time.
How beautiful his labor was.
How I was hit with an over powering amount of love the second they laid him in my arms.
What an amazing gift he is and how blessed I am to be his mama.

It may be sleep deprivation
(blame our new sweet chunk who hates sleep)
but I’ve been an on emotional loon this week.
Its all the mushy gooey and all things cheesy love I have for this boy of ours makes me do wacky things.

And because I’m a bad photographer mama I just now getting around to editing some of his 1st birthday pictures.
That’s what happens when photography is your job.
Your kids stuff gets pushed to the backburner and I’m talking the backburner at the house 5 cities over.
Oh well now we can look at them and be like…..
“Awwww look how little he was.”
When you wait a whole year to edit photos they take on a whole new meaning!

And because they are just too cute not to share here are  few of Weston’s 1st year photos……
a year late.


IMG_4442 copy

IMG_4504ed2 copy

IMG_4555 copy

IMG_4565 copy

IMG_4874 copy

IMG_4895-Edit copy

IMG_4921 copy

IMG_4943-5 copy

IMG_5007 copy

IMG_4963-Edit copy

IMG_5001 copy

IMG_5046 copy

I was pregnant with Carson here but we were still keeping it hush hush!

PS…I posted 2 new vlogs on our YouTube channel this week (Fall Target Haul & and a Day in the Life Vlog).
I’ll back on the blog Friday with some Friday Favorites!




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