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Abandoned Amusement Park – Arkansas


We’re moving and here’s our new home!

Isn’t she purdy?

I’m kidding but I wish I wasn’t! I would take this abounded shack in a heartbeat!

It’s tucked away in the Arkansas Ozark Mountains all by it lonesome and I love it! The older I get the more granola I’ve become.

Yep I have dreams of living a simple life………
Land that needs to be worked
Tons of animals to care for
Hour long drives to get to the grocery store
Our future babies collecting eggs from our hens
Long walks with our pups, off leash of course
A bee colony. Yes I want to be a bee farmer like my grandpa!
A Garden for the hubs (he has a green thumb or shall we say a willingness to try)
Annnnd homemade everything!

Sounds like a lot of work right? Well to me it sounds like haven!



The hubs and I recently returned from our annual fall tip to Arkansas.

Oh yes there will be tons of photos in a later post.

For now I leave you with a youtube clip with footage of our new home 😉 and a really neat abandoned amusement park we found during our trip.




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