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A Sweet Moment – Pick That Camera Up VOL 2

I’ve been doing a decent job keeping my camera charged, ready to go, and out in the open.

Before I set the “Use my camera more to document my family and not just my client’s families.”  resolution it was always tucked away in my office with 0 battery life waiting for me to bring it back to life for my next shoot (my big girl job).

Having it close by and ready to go has really helped motivate me to grab it and snap sweet moments like this…….

IMG_1644 copy

Weston watching Kent head off to work.

IMG_1634 BW copy

Ugh melt…….
that sweet little foot propped up and fuzzy footed PJs he’ll be too big to wear one day.

Yes I still use my phone camera a ton to capture day to day stuff but I’m so happy to have a few random quality shots likes these as well. 

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Pick that Camera Up VOL 1

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