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A Random Story & My Mama Fall Bucket List

I fell up the stairs this morning.
Yes I said “up the stairs”
It’s kind of a thing for me…..
falling often while doing normal things, like standing.

I had a cup full of fresh hot coffee in one hand….
(you see where I’m going with this right)
and a plate of food for Weston in my other hand. 
I was walking up the starts just like anyone else would do when my toe got stuck in my pant leg
I know how does this even happen?
I’m confused myself.
With my hands full and not willing to let go of my precious coffee I fell.
Full on TIMBERRRRRRRRR mode right UP the stairs.

It was a bad one y’all.

Coffee all over me, my carpet, the walls, down the stair rails, food everywhere.
It took me and my cleaning crew aka Brady to get everything sorted out.

Weston was in our bed watching TV when I fell. After all the commotion he said “Did you hear that?”
Umm yes buddy I did. I sure did!
Kent came running to the stairs.
Looked down at me made sure I was ok then just shook his head.
These things happen.
They just happen an awful lot to me.

I’m okay.
One more bruise added to the bunch.
I’m more sad about my coffee than anything else.

After I got everything cleaned up and kissed Kent goodbye I told him we should probably have a life insurance plan on me.
“You’ll most likely be able to collet on that before I’ll be able to collect on yours.” I said,
We laughed
then got quiet for a second……
One of those actually that’s not a bad idea pauses.

So the moral of the story is…..
If you’re clumsy you pretty much live life on the edge.
You’re a ticking time bomb.
Get some life insurance yo!

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And for those of you who love fall and list making (two of my most favorite things) I shared my “Mama Fall Bucket List” on our YouTube channel today. You can find our “Family Fall Bucket List” HERE!




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