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A Fun Few Days + A First For The Boys

The last few days have been nothing short of wonderful full of beautiful music, memory making, and the great outdoors!

All the things that make our world go round.

On Wednesday Kent and I had a little date night to celebrate our anniversary (a few days early as our real anniversary was over the weekend).
My mom drove alllllll the way from the boonies to watch the boys over night which was pretty special.

Weston was beyond excited for his Nana sleepover!
She came bearing gifts (cars & play-dogh).
They didn’t even bat an eye when I left.

While the boys were enjoying their nana playtime Kent and I had dinner at our favorite restaurant.
Pappadeaux is so special to us as it’s where we met 18 years ago.
So many great memories wrapped around that place.
There are a few Pappadeaux locations closer to us but we wanted to go back to where it began so we drove to the location we met at all those years ago.

I want to take the boys there someday and get a photo of all 3 of us under the Pappadeaux sign!

Our meal was soooooooo good (as usual)!
We shared a Greek Salad, Kent had a pound of craw fish, I had a crab cake (their crab cakes are to die for), and we shared the mixed sea food grill aka I was stuffed by the end of our meal.
I originally said I was going to order dessert even if I only had one bite.
It was a special meal and Pappadeax has THE BEST desserts but y’all I was so full the thought of even one bite wasn’t going to happen.

Next time Pappadeaux…….next time!

Anyone a Pappadeaux fan from way back in the day when they used to serve Oreo Mousse…..oh my Kelly Clarkson that was a dream on a plate.
Let me know below if you’ve ever had it! It’s been years since they’ve stopped serving it and I still think about it!

After dinner we made our way to the House of Blue to see Passenger.

Y’all this concert was something else.
We try to go to a few shows a year.
We enjoy seeing some of our faves in small venues and have seen some amazing concerts up close and personal. Paolo Nutini and Gregory Alan Isakov being some of our favorites to date.

Oh but this show was…….

I’m literally sitting here staring at my screen trying to find the words to correctly describe it and I just can’t do it justice.

I laughed
I felt all the feels
I almost ugly cried. Huge lump in my throat tears just waiting to spill over. If I let it out it wasn’t going to be pretty so I tried so hard to keep it in.

He has a way with words this one and he tugged at my heart big time that night.

Passenger has been on my “Must See” list for many years but post concert I’m even more obsessed than I was before.
If you too love his music and have the opportunity to see him DO IT DO IT DO IT!
I’ve never experienced a show quite like his and if he comes back to Dallas I will definitely be going to see him again.

The day after the concert was all about packing for a fun road trip we were taking the next day!

We road trip often. The boys do well with it. We enjoy it.
If the possibility for a vacation approaches and the distance isn’t too crazy far (15 hours is as far as we’ve driven so far) we love to roadtrip!
We have a few years of packing/roadtripin’ with the boys under our belts but I have to give us a big gold start for this one!

It was our best packing experience yet!

We didn’t forget anything!
I didn’t feel stressed!
Kent and I didn’t argue throughout the process!
We didn’t destroy the house while we were packing!
We left one time HELLO!

This was huge for us and we weren’t packing for just any old trip we were taking the boys on their very first overnight camping trip aka you need to pack all the things!

We’re pros of what I like to call “Day Camping” you can read more about what that is here but sleeping in a tent for a few nights was a first for the boys!

My brother, siter-in-law, nieces, my middle niece’s hubby and their pups.
Stole this from my sister-in-law. Thanks Kim!

We headed out to Beaver’s Bend state park in Oklahoma and met up with my brother, siter-in-law, my nieces and their pups.

Oh my lanta y’all!
It was stinking beautiful!
We frequent this area but usually stay in cabins. You can read our last Broken Bow cabin review HERE.
How in the world have we missed the beauty that is Beaver’s Bend State Park ugh!
We were smitten with the tall trees, waterfalls (yes they have waterfalls), and lush rolling hills that I think must be border line mountains.

I’m sure there is some sort of equation that makes a mountain a mountain but in our neck of the woods we get excited if we see a large hill!
The second Weston sees something bigger than an ant hill he starts asking if we’re in Colorado.

I vlogged some of the trip although I have yet to look at the footage.
If I can put together a vlog from what I filmed I’ll share soon.

So behind on vlog editing. If I can get my act together I have so much fun footage just waiting to be turned into a vlogs. Hopefully soon!

We didn’t have cell service while we were camping so I took the forced opportunity to unplug which tuned into a break from technology all together.
I didn’t take one single photo.
I didn’t even pick up my DSLR.

Another one I snatched from my siter-in-law! I’m not kidding when I said I didn’t take one photo.
My niece with Weston. He thinks she pretty awesome. I do too!

Kind of sad I didn’t at least take one photo but whatever I was too busy chatting away with my family, shoving smores in my mouth and chasing after my boys.

Those memories will just have to live in my head!




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