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A Face That Will Melt Your Heart – McKinney TX Family Photographer


Little Alexis is a doll……no really……she looks like a real live doll.

Am I right?

I’m so glad that she’s not my own. There is no way I could say no to this face. All she would need to do is bat those beautiful lashes in my direction and I will buy her every toy in the store. I’ve heard stories of this very same thing happening to her father. I don’t blame him! Those eyes have some major magic powers!







Oh boy do I love this location!
I have yet to find a spot that tops this one. You know what else I love about it? Other local photographers haven’t caught on to my little gem yet. Don’t email me and ask where were shot. I won’t tell you.  Unless you buy me a Starbucks ice coffee topped off with sugar free caramel, skim milk, and a little bit of half and half.  Oh I don’t play when it comes to coffee!  Brian and Jen if you’re reading you make sure not to tell unless a toy for my friend Alexis is in the deal!




This one melts my heart! Little Miss thang wasn’t too sure about me but the second her dad picked her up look what we got. I think it’s because he buys her lots of toys…..I kid, I kid!




These are what I call Snuffaluffagus eyelashes! I want them!










Every little girls dream shoes…..okay and maybe mine too!


Such a sweet family!
Thank you Brian and Jen for letting me freeze a few moments of your because family!





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