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A Boy and His Dog

Brady has blown our minds with how awesome he is with Weston. Really it’s pretty shocking!
We were really worried while I was pregnant that he wouldn’t handle a new baby well but boy oh boy were we wrong! 

I’ve heard so many horror stories about how awful Border Collies are with children and we witnessed several behavioral problems that really had us concerned. Kent and I were committed to making it work (we love our Brady Boy) so we started working him early on in my pregnancy. While we made it a focus to really work on Brady’s behavior I’m not so sure that we can take any credit for the bond between these two. It’s pretty special.

The way Weston lights up and giggles when he sees Brady. How he reaches out his tiny hand to touch him. How Brady lays next to him while he’s playing and give him sweet kisses on his ears and little fingers.

It’s beyond precious!


This is the doorway into my office.
I was working on a few emails and looked back to check on Weston and saw this.
So glad my camera was next to me!

These two make my heart all warm and mushy.










My little dog – a heartbeat at my feet. 

~Edith Wharton




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