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5 Happies & Some Faves

I used to share my “Five Happies” on Instagram. I loved keeping tabs of the things and moments that brought me a little extra happy throughout the week. Once I canceled my Chat Books subscription Side Note: I’ll be sharing why I stopped using Chat Books in a later post. I stopped sharing my happies. I guess I stopped because I knew they were no longer getting printed into a little bound book. The point is I stopped and I miss it!

So I figured why not bring it to the blog and mix my happies in with some “Friday Faves” as well. During National Blog Post month Fridays on the blog will be full of happy randomness and a few things I’m currently digging! There may be weeks where I don’t have new faves to share but I’m 100% sure I will always have happy moments to share from the week. If I’m able to stick with this throughout November and you guys are digging it maybe I’ll make it a permanent thing!

Let’s get on with the happiness!


1. Circle of Hugs – I dropped Weston off at school on Wednesday. Typical routine type stuff but on this day his little buddies not only said hi to him they ran up and circled him in a big hug. It started with one little boy then a few others joined in. It took everything in me to not break down into an ugly cry right in the middle of his classroom. Seeing those sweet littles totally unaware of all that was going on around them just as happy as can be loving on my boy was my heart needed to see that day.

2. Eyeing Christmas Decor – Y’all it’s absolutely sad how giddy Christmas decorations make me. The funny thing is I don’t buy them. It’s taken me three years to go from thirteen bins of holiday decor down to two. That includes wreaths and ornaments for our tree. Let me tell ya being able to get it all up in under a hour and the same when it’s time to take it down is the most amazing feeling. I worked really hard to simplify our holiday decor and I’m going to try my darnedest to not fall back into the trap. To get my fix I walk up and down the holiday decor aisles just taking in all in. It makes me so gosh darn happy! I’m not going to lie though I want everything single thing with a vintage red car on it. It doesn’t help that my boys freak over holiday car decor as well. I’ve been able to stay strong so far!

3. Carson Chatter – He’s chatting up a storm and has the cutest way of saying every single word that leaves his sweet heart shaped lips. Ugh that boy melts me daily! Here are a few of my most favorite Carson chatters.
Apple = Babble
Acorn = Cocorn
Cow = MOOO he just skips cow and goes straight to moo
No = always said with a high five hand wave pointed right at you and in a series of nos said really fast nonononononono
Kiss = KissEY
Yeehaw = HaHa
I love you = Louyou usually said after he gets into trouble

4. Superman Saves Batman – Carson (Batman) will only let Weston (Superman) rescue him from his crib after his nap. He’s all giddy and smiley when I go into his room but the second I try to take him out of his crib he starts saying “HELP!” which is his way of calling Superman to rescue him. This is when I start giggling……Weston has quiet time in his room while Carson naps. When he hears Carson calling for help he knows it’s time to come to his rescue. I hear him down the hallway signing a made up superman song and making all kids of whooshing noises as he flies down the hall and into Carson’s room. It’s so stinking cute!

5. Relaxing Bath for 1 Ummmmm Make That 4 – I’ve been saving some special bath goodies I picked up during our trip to Hot Springs. We’ve had a busy few weeks and I told myself as my reward for surviving I would hold onto my new stuff and use it after I made it through the busy patch. Well the busy patch has come and gone and we all survived so I was ready to collect my prize. I waited until just the right time or what I thought was the right time to get a nice long soak in. Kent had the boys situated and gave me the thumbs up so off to the tub I went. I got in and enjoyed a nice three minuets to myself in the bath before both boys were in there with me. But you know what? It was prefect. It wasn’t what I had in mind but it was precious and they felt pretty fancy soaking in my bath goodies. Kent hung out on the bathroom floor while the boys and I had a nice soak together. At one point Weston let out a big sigh and said “Awwww this is so relaxing.” Kent and I just looked at each other and burst out in laughter.





1. Thermos Travel Tumble: I love love LOVE my Thermos travel tumbler. No matter how many times I use it it blows my mind how long it keeps my coffee hot, really hot. It’s been super handy during all our recent road trips. On school days I fill it up and take it on the road for pre school drop off. On days when the boys are being extra needy and I know a morning cup of coffee is going to take ages to drink I use my Thermos mug because I know it will keep my coffee hot while I’m slowly sipping on it in between putting out the boys fires. I picked mine up at Walmart a while back but haven’t seen it there in a few months. They do have it on Amazon though. You can find it HERE. This would make an awesome Christmas gift for the coffee lover in your life! Sorry I know that sounded cheesy but it’s true. I will say you have to follow the directions though or it won’t work as well. They recommend that you fill it up with hot water for around 5 minuets before putting your hot beverage inside. I fill it with hot tap water while I’m making my coffee and it works wonderfully!

2. OLLY Restful Sleep: I picked these up on a whim at Target a couple weeks ago. I’m a really light sleeper and the more stress I’m under the worse it gets. On top of all that Kent’s snoring has been at an all time high lately. I haven’t been able to get a restful night sleep in a while. The lack of sleep is starting to catch up with me. I figured why not give these a try. I honestly wasn’t expecting to notice a difference but y’all let me tell ya I was pleasantly surprised! They’re not strong like a sleeping pill. I don’t feel like I’m going to pass out the second they kick in. It’s more of calm peaceful feeling. I was trying to explain it to my friend the other day and the best I could do was say that you don’t feel groggy or that you MUST go to sleep when they kick in. It’s more like you’re lifted onto a soft fluffy pillow and ready to peacefully drift off into lala land when you’re ready. I fall asleep easier and have been staying asleep for longer stretches throughout the night. I will be buying them again for sure!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Thank you to those who have been sweetly leaving comments.
I know commenting on blogs is not as common these days and please don’t feel the need to comment but I will say it’s been so fun chatting with y’all here during the week!

See you here on Monday!




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