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2016 Valentine’s Box Swap Round Up

This year’s Valentines Box Swap has come to an end. I must say out of all 4 years of hosting our annual Valentine’s Box Swap this year has an extra special place in my heart.

The incredibly kind emails that came in from participants sharing just how much they enjoyed the swap. The stories of people getting inspired to send a little love to friends and family. The fun that was had as everyone shopped for their buddies. Seeing connections forming some even making plans to meet in real life!

 Our Valentine’s Box Swap is about so much more than receiving a beautiful package in the mail. While that is tons of fun this swap is also about making connections, doing for others, spreading love, and enjoying every ounce of the box swap process. While it’s a bit of a beast to organize (huge thank you to Jordan for co-hosting) it’s something I look forward to each year and this year we had an amazing group of participants!

Throughout the process participants are asked to share photos and use the hashtag #valentinesboxswap. It’s so much fun to see what everyone is up to during the swap!

Participants got their sweet littles involved.
What a wonderful opportunity to teach about love and doing for others!


Babies Valentines Box Swap Haning With The Huies

Some ladies even got crafty for their buddies.

Crafts Valentines Box Swap Haning With the Huies

Boxes were filled with love…….SO MUCH LOVE!

Valentines Box Swap Hanging With The Huies

This little swap of ours is about all the good stuff and each year I’m so excited to see it grow!

If you were not able to join in this year be sure to check out the hashtag #valentinesboxswap on Instagram to see these photos and tons more from participants. If it seems like something you want to get in on I host this every year. Info is usually posted around early to mid January!

I’ll see you back here on Monday for Monday’s video blog post aka a family vlog from the weekend and again on Wednesday for our weekly Wednesday blog post!




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