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2015 Christmas Round Up

IMG_0257 copy

1st before we dive into all things Christmas let’s have a moment for this beautiful tree.
I don’t like to brag but y’all this tree is begging for a little braggin’.

She’s a beauty, right?

We’ve been going to the same tree lot for the last 3 years.
It’s run by a family that has a tree farm up in Michigan. Each year they load up there tress and drive them on down to TX.
My friend and her family have been going to them for years and got us hooked on their beautiful trees!

It’s kind of neat to have a tree lot tradition.
Yes I know it sounds cheesy but I’m all about the cheese during the holidays!
I mean really that’s what the holidays about, right?

Oh and on a totally different note since we started buying a real tree I’ve cut back on what I put on it.
They’re just so pretty on their own that I don’t really feel the need to do a whole lot to them.

So there she is all simple and pretty!

IMG_0248 copy 2

Santa paid us a visit Christmas Even and let me tell ya…..
Christmas before kids was sweet but Christmas after kiddos is dripping awesome.
All the new traditions we’re starting with them, the fun holiday events, the season themed crafts and activities, all the anticipation, and well the toys.

Not to sound like I’m skipping over the reason of the season but the toys are fun y’all!
I’ve enjoyed playing with the boy’s new stuff just as much as they have.

One of my favorite days of the season so far has been when we had no where to be and nothing to do. We stayed in our PJs all day and just played played played played played!

Oh and Santa told me that he thrifted a good amount of what he left for the boys which makes my heart go pitter patter because they don’t care and I love to thrift (Santa knows).

Hanging with the Huies Babys 1st Christmas

This year was extra special because it was Carsie Bear’s 1st Christmas!
The bed head,
the sweet smirk,
the cheeks!
This boy melts me into one big mushy puddle.

IMG_0288 copy

I was crazy excited to get the boys matching PJs this year. Again insert the cheese!
I looked all over for the perfect PJs but most places I looked were sold out.
Note to self next year start looking for Christmas jammies in August!
I ended up finding these at Target just a few days before Christmas and I’m pretty sure I let out a gasped when I saw a rack full of them and even better they had them in the sizes I needed.

I can’t help but to look at the picture above think about what a difference a year makes.

Last year Weston was little and Carson was my baby bump.
Now look at them!
Carson is crawling, pulling up on things and has a mouth full of teeth.
Weston is a chatter box, no longer in diapers, and is constantly reminding me that he’s a “big boy”.
In a blink y’all!

IMG_0351 copy 2

Weston was 100% on board with Christmas this year.
He got the whole idea behind Santa. We even pulled the “I’m going to call Santa” card a few times and it totally worked!
Thank you Santa!

It was so fun doing Christmas crafts with him, picking out our tree, putting up a few decorations. He loved it all.
In fact the other day I took the ornaments off the tree and he was not too happy about it.
He keeps asking me why he doesn’t have any more wrapped advent books or why he’s no longer getting mail in his Christmas mail box (a couple new traditions we started this year).
It’s the post Christmas low buddy.
We all feel it!

Anyway it was so fun to watch his excitement on Christmas morning.
It’s a big deal for my boys to have grateful hearts so it was a wonderful time to practice showing gratitude and being thankful for our blessings.

IMG_0322 copy 3

In Weston’s eyes trucks are a blessing.

Trucks made out of chocolate are a MAAAAAJOR blessing (he’s holding a dump truck made out of chocolate in the photo above).
Another one of those “Gasp Moments” when I found them.
WHAT chocolate trucks!!!! Yes I’ll take them all! Wish I would have snapped a photo of them so y’all can see how cute they are.

IMG_0337 copy

You can see our Advent books in the wire basket behind Carson.
This was by far my favorite tradition we started this year!
It was special to have a little down time each night by the to open a new book and read some of the other ones we had already opened.

No matter what was going on if Weston said “Mama can we read an advent book?” I would stop what I was doing cuddle with my boy by the tree and read for as long as he wanted.
It was special and brought on some much needed peace during such a busy time!

This will be a tradition that we look forward to each year!

IMG_0398 copy 2

I know one day I’ll look at this photo of Carson snug in Kent’s arms and get all weepy.
And his hands. Don’t get me started……
So tiny.
So chubby.
And those sweet little hand dimples.

IMG_0359 bnw

My mom gave Weston an awesome play kitchen for Christmas (see Christmas Eve vlog below). Our gift to him was all the play food, pots and pans to go along with it.
HELLO why didn’t anyone warn me how messy play kitchens are……
Oh my lanta!
It’s like a part time job picking you all the stuff that goes along with it.

IMG_0408 bnw

I found a little market bag filled with baby safe veggies and fruit that crinkles and rattles (it’s precious) and I thought it would make a perfect gift for little dude.
When Weston is playing in his kitchen and Carson starts playing with his play food Weston will go grab Carson’s little market bag and swap it out.

IMG_0505 copy


Hanging with the Huies Post Chrismtas Mess

This is the face of pure Christmas bliss!
A play kitchen and lots of fun kitchen accessories is great and he’s enjoyed them but nothing makes this boy more happy than cars, trucks, and trains!
They’re his jam!

Hanging with the Huies Christmas 2015 JoyIt was a good Christmas busy but good!

My sister-in-law, niece, and nephew are in Town from China. It’s pretty special to have them here during the holidays.
Weston is getting in lots of cousin play time and we’ve enjoyed our time with them as well.

We celebrated my mom’s 60th with a big bash a couple days after Christmas.
It was great meeting some of her high school friends and seeing family we don’t see often enough.

My dad and step-mom recently came over for breakfast and presents.
It’s very chill.
I usually stay in my Pjs and we eat off paper plates.
It’s simple and perfect.

I was also about to catch up with a good friend I haven’t seen in a while.
It was my 1st night out alone in probably a year.
It’s easy to get busy with life and forget to make time for fun nights out but a nice dinner (that I didn’t have to rush though) and some girl time was good for the soul.
I was a much more cheerful mama the next day!

And if the photos and chatting wasn’t enough I have a couple vlogs for our festivities as well!


Christmas Eve Vlog:


Christmas Vlog:

BloguaryYay for Bloguary Day 1!
I’ve set a goal to post Monday-Friday for the month of January so I’ll see you back here on Monday with our end of the year round up.
I don’t remember most of last year colic and newborn baby fog will do that to ya so it’ll be good for me to look back as well!

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