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I should have titled this post “ALLLLLLLL THE PHOTOS” yes it must be yelled and you must drag out the L when you say it.

For no real reason but that it’s fun!

That’s basically what’s going to be going down in this week’s post. I mentioned in my “Documenting Life – Volume 1” post that I’m working hard this year to use my big girl camera more frequently to create and document our days verses my phone camera. I tend to get in these ruts where I only use my camera for work and grab for my phone when I want to document something in my personal life.

I’m happy to say we’re 3 months in and things are going well! I’ve even printed these (and a ton others including phone snaps) and already have them in my 2017 Project Life album!

Who wants to give me a gold star!?!

Okay on with the photos and the stories behind them!


I took a ton of photos that day but this one is my absolute favorite!
Look at that face! Speaking of gold stars he needs one for nailing the perfect begging face! Just the right amount of puppy dog eye and pouty lip to make you want to give him all the Boom Chicka Pop in the world.


Hammers have been his favorite toy for the last month or so along with his Plasma car. He takes his hammer everywhere. He’s know at Weston’s school as Thor. Which is hilarious and totally fitting! Before we go into any kind of facility I have to have the hammer time (sorry I had to) chat.  So far he’s done pretty good. Although there was that one time he hit a cop car. Let’s hope there’s no future foreshadowing going on there. Yes we found the cop and I made him apologize!

Carson’s face. That’s pure joy!

Kent stood watch while I set in the middle of the street shooting away! The boys getting to ride in the wide open needed to documented!
They had a blast!

See blast being had here!


When you match the playground.

I’m obsessed with Carson’s hands they’re five sizes too big for his body and I can’t get enough of them nor can my camera.
PS…He hates having his hands dirty so I snapped this to document his funny quirk.

He wears these shoes pretty much daily and I LOVE them! I’ll know I’ll be happy to have this shot when his feet are stinky and big and I no longer have a say in his footwear.

There’s a bathroom with a teeny tiny window above the shower right behind us. It’s the only window in the bathroom and it it shines the prettiest afternoon light. We were playing in the hallway when I noticed the light from the little bathroom bouncing off the wall…..perfect shadow puppet stage! Love how Carson is watching Weston and trying to do as he’s doing.

Again look at those puppy dog paws!


Those little teeth and a boy that melts my heart on the daily! Oh the things he says. He has a pretty special heart!

Crying because he didn’t want to be held as well as crying because he did want to be held. I know, it’s all very confusing.

Little feet and hand dimples! Swoon worth stuff!

They had these really neat old barns at one of the campsites we visited. This one was pitch black inside and I had to bribe him to go in so I could snap this photo. Bribery works and I have the photo to prove it!

See you guys next Friday!

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    • Kendra Huie - Thank you so much sweet Debbie! 🙂ReplyCancel

Are you digging this Friday post thing?

We’re going on 15 weeks maybe more of a weekly Friday post going up and I have to say I’m loving it!

I have yet to officially call it a thing because the second I say the words “I will be posting a new blog post each Friday” something will happen and I’ll fall off schedule. It’s just the way it is. Sooooo without calling it a thing or making it official Friday post have been happening for a while now and it seems to be a schedule I can stick to…but again let’s not make it official mmmk?

Hopefully y’all have picked up on it and are coming back to hangout with me on Fridays!

This week I have a fun family vlog to share with y’all!

I found out that Goodwill was having a 50% off sale and thought it was the perfect opportunity to add some new books to our collection and I was hoping to score some vintage awesomeness I could use as decor in our home. We’ll a little thrifitng together, I’ll show ya all the goodies we picked up, and we enjoy a little weekend family time.


To watch via YouTube click HERE

I’ve been kind of bad about creating blog post to go along with all of our vlogs soooo if you enjoy our vlogs be sure that you’ve subscribed to our channel over on YouTube so you don’t miss out.

Here are a few (and I mean few there’s tons more over on our channel vlogs) I’ve recently shared over on YouTube but didn’t get around to sharing with our blog buddies.

To watch via YouTube click HERE


To watch via YouTube click HERE

To watch via YouTube click HERE

  • Kelsey - What a fun day! I really need to find better local thrift stores bc you seem to have such luck with them. Our goodwill is more “miss” than “hit”. I may make Trey drive me around this weekend and we hit up the shops!

    Those goodnight kisses from the boys were precious. The best way to sign off!ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - I’m kind of shocked that y’all don’t. I hear the thrift stores in the south are the best! I always want to go thrifting when we’re down there but we never have extra room in the trunk for goodies. I always see super cute antique shops on the drive up!ReplyCancel

I set a goal this year to do a photo print once a month. I’ll be chatting more about that in a later post. I’m hoping this goal will have a domino effect and set several other photo related goals into motion. One of those goals is to have more personal photos in our home.

We’ve been in our house for nine years and have one yes ONE photo of Weston at 6 months old hanging on the wall.  Well I should stay that was the case when I started working on this goal. I have sinse filled several empty frames but there is more work to be done!

Knowing that I wanted to use some of the photographs I snap in our home I set down and thought about how I wanted to go about it. The traditional idea of placing photos in frames is great and something I’m doing but I wanted to take it a step further and incorporate our images as art and decor throughout our home. I wanted them to add some personality and warmth but I didn’t want things to start looking like a Huie Family museum. Does that make sense?

I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration and wanted to share some of what I found with you today.


Talk about turning your images into artwork, right? I love the clean lines and modern feel of this design! This would be awesome in a child’s room or office!

What a neat way to use an old ladder.


This one stopped me in my tracks and made me look for a while. I instantly stared thinking of images I have that work in a design like this and where I would hang it our home. Pretty sure I’m going to make this one happen! If you use magnets to secure your print to wood base it would be easy to change the photo out seasonally which is something I hope to do the images I create with.

Jen walks you through how she did this in her blog post. You can find it here.

Love the texture of the chicken wire against the wood. I instantly pictured this hanging in our kitchen with an old photos of my grandmother and some of her handwritten recipes.

Jamie shares how she created this frame on her blog. You can find her post here.

A simple and beautiful way to showcase old photos! Such a great idea!


I would have never thought to do this and I love the way it looks from the different sized prints to the stripe design. This would be so cute in the in a kiddo or teen’s room but I’m thinking about using this idea in my office with photos of all the cabins we visit. I love our cabin photos! Looking at them takes me right back to our vacations but I wasn’t sure if I wanted random cabin photographs all over my walls. Something like this would be perfect and easy to take down if I get tired of it in the future!


Engineer prints have been circling Pinterest for awhile and for good reason. It’s a cheap way to make a big impact while adding a personal touch to your decor. Most prints are under $2 which means it won’t break the bank to switch them out if you decide to. Definitely doing something like this in the boy’s playroom.

Julia shares some great tips on how she tackled these prints and where she purchased her frames. You can find her post here.

Love how this DIY adds some texture and design to the space!

Amanda shares how she created this frame for $6! You can find her post here.


Another display that stopped me and made me stare for a while. The idea of using mats in different sizes grouped with an arrangement of frames is just stunning! What a great way to use those scenic vacation shots you have sitting on your computer. You can even go around the city you live in and shoot a few images to make it even more personal. I know that creating something like this can be a bit overwhelming for some people. I really love working with the folks at Arron Brother’s when I tackle projects like this. When I was decorating the boy’s nurseries I used a few prints that weren’t easy to find frames for. I took my prints with me when I stopped in to Arron Brother’s. Each time I’ve been in they’ve been super helpful in guiding me to mats and frames that fit my budget and worked beautifully with my design. *Not sponsored. Just a happy customer*. If you have a framing store like this local to you and would like to achieve something like this definitely stop in and ask for help! I have some vintage prints I want to get framed so I’ll be popping into work with them again soon.


Photo grids are pretty popular right now but I love the look!

Another grid but on a smaller scale. Love how they included the year the images were taken! How neat would be to have a wall of yearly photo grids! Again that big mat brings the eye in and further shows off those prints.


Garage sale and flea market season is about to hit Texas and I’m itching to get out there and hunt for treasures! This year I’ll definitely be looking for vintage items I can use for photo displays. How neat is this idea?

You can see this idea and many others over on Amy’s blog.

I really like how grouping similar images creates larger impact and design! It could be photos of your children from the same setting, photos of your favorite vacation spots, photos of your dog. You get the idea but grouping like images together provides a great design impact without feeling too cluttery or distracting. I love how the texture in the wood and metal clips adds to the overall design!

You can see how these photo boards were created over at Ideas 2 Live 4


So many great ideas right? I can’t wait to start tackling some of these projects in our home.I hope to finish the year our with filled frames and lots of photography art around our house! I’ll share with you here as I work through some of these awesome DIYs.

How about you are you? Are you good about printing and showcasing your photos? Let me know in your comment below!


If you’re like me you’ve got your eyes peeled for all things spring! The trees are budding (in Texas at least), the light is starting to make that pretty spring shift and I’m feeling the need to freshen up a few things…..my spring wardrobe included!

The last few years Walmart has really stepped up their clothing game and has come out with some affordable pieces that are downright pretty! Oh and don’t even get me started on my love for their accessories. Those who follow along on Snap Chat (Kendra_Huie) hear allllllll about the pretty jewelry I find there!

I usually pop into Walmart at the beginning of a new season to pick up a few layering pieces I can pair with other items in my wardrobe.

In the fall/winter I LOVE their leggings, flannels and tunics.

In the spring I snag there flowy tees, tank tops, thin cardigans and chambray shirts.

They do these things well!

Above I’ve put together a little style board with a few piece that I’m digging at the moment. While it’s packed with pretty items I really feel that it does not fully do Walmart justices. I tried to pick items that were available online so you can purchase them if you like but if you have a chance I highly recommend going in store to shop. A lot of things are sold out online but still available in store. I also feel like there’s a better selection as not all items sold in store make it to their website.  If nothing else you have to go in to check out their accessories which they do not offer on line. The prices are awesome and you can get some really pretty pieces!

Here are a few tips and things I do during my seasonal Walmart clothing run!

  • I love to go kid free on a slow day (when possible). That way I have time to look around and take everything in. Even better if you can grab a gal pal and make an outing out of it (I’ll tell you why in my next tip).
  • Each Walmart carries different items. For the most part they have the same pieces but each location varies enough to make me want to pop in a few locations when I do my seasonal clothing shop. Call a buddy grab some dinner and have fun night out shopping together as you visit a few different locations!
  • I usually make a couple swoops through to be sure that I didn’t miss anything. They have a lot of stuff and sometimes things are not placed in the most organized fashion. A couple of walk throughs will keep you from missing out on that cute top you didn’t see the first time around.
  • Their sizing is ALL over the place so keep that in mind when you’re shopping.
  • I almost always size up in tees for that baggie look I like.
  • You have to go early in the season to get the cute stuff before it’s picked over. Once its gone, its gone!
  • Don’t forget to check out their purses, accessorizes and shoes while you’re in there. If you’re new to Walmart’s accessories you’re in for a real treat!
  • I’m mainly focusing on woman’s fashion today’s post but if you have kiddos the children’s department is worth a visit as well. I get a lot of my boy’s summer play clothes from Walmart and y’all I’m super picky about what my boys wear.

If you make it out to Walmart and snag some cute Spring pieces I would love to see what you find! Tag me Instagram or come over and share in our Facebook group!

I’ll be carrying on this conversation over in our Facebook group Hanging With the Huies Friends. We would love to have you join us over there!
It’s a great place to further connect with the wonderful community of women we have around this blog of ours. 🙂

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  • Merissa - I just bought this a few days ago at Walmart. They were out of it in my store but I did the order online and pickup in store option. I saw it on an instagram account I follow called whoawaitwalmart. They show all kinds of great deals they find at walmart and they started their own line of cothing call whoawaitwalmart and it is now sold there!

    The vest is super cute and lightweight so it will be perfect for spring.


Back in the fall we discovered our new favorite family activity.

It’s cheap.
It gets us outside.
The boys get to roam freely.
And the activity usually ends with a campfire and smores.

Music to my ears!

A few years back Kent treated me to a Mother’s Day adventure at Cedar Hill Park. It was love at first sight. The park is packed full of beautiful tall trees and more elevation than we typically see in Texas. As we were approaching the park my oldest asked if we were in Colorado. Nope not quite Colorado mountains buddy but he was onto something as the terrain in the area is different than what we’re used to seeing.

Side Note: I vlogged + blogged our 1st trip to the park if you would like to take a peek you can see it here.

We had such a great time hiking and exploring the area during our adventure that we thought it might be fun to come back and rent a campsite for the day.

Fast forward several months…….

Most weekends when the weather is nice that’s exactly where you’ll find us, sitting at campsite cuddled around a camp fire enjoying the day!

We hope to camp out over night in the future but for now we really love the ease of picking up a few sandwiches on our way, throwing some fold up chairs in the car and hitting the road. We keep it easy and low key!

The boys play (they love getting some bubble time in and running their cars through the dirt), we relax, listen to music and make it home in time for baths and bedtime.

It’s kind of the perfect activity for the season of life we’re in.

The next time you find yourself with an open day and beautiful weather you may want to scout out a state park close by and enjoy a day under the trees! The pressure of not needing to pack enough stuff to stay overnight really takes the stress out of it all and you just might be surprised at how much you enjoy yourself!

Here are some photos I took of the boys during one of our recent campsite visits.

I vlogged this trip as well! If you enjoy our vlogs or want to see more of what we do when we’re at the campsite take a gender. It’s a cute one!


  • Corinna @ The Mommy Clause - This is a great idea! Camping is a lot of work – for the parents. I always loved it as a child, but didn’t realize the amount of work my parents were doing. Your idea is great – the fun of the campfire without all of the work. You’ll be easing into tent camping for your family in the future! 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - Exactly! Something about staying overnight starts to pack on all the stuff. You think it’s only a night or two away, no big deal then BOM your car is filled to the top. This way we’re able to enjoy a day full of fun but be back in our comfy beds by night time.ReplyCancel

  • Kelsey - Ok I’ve NEVER thought to pre-melt the chocolate bar…genius! But yeah we put our sticks on the fire too to melt everything off. I like to slow roast the marshmallow so it gets all gooey in the middle. And then a medium char on the outside is perfection! Looks like you guys had a perfect day! Those pictures couldn’t be better!ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - It’s always a blast! You would think we would be over it as often and we go but…..nope! With the area that y’all are in your should have TONS of beautiful park options!ReplyCancel