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As the boys get older their excitement for Santa and his special Christmas eve visit grows! We had a blast merry making and getting things all set for the jolly guy, including our out of the norm late night snack for him. Wouldn’t you know he loved it! Not a crumb left behind! Carson threw us for a loop with an evening Santa freak out but thankfully I found a fix that calmed him down and may just be our a new Christmas Eve tradition.

To watch our Christmas Eve Vlog via YouTube Click here


Yesterday’s vlog went up without a blog post. That may happen from time to time during Bloguary depending on my schedule. If you’re mainly following Bloguary through the blog and don’t see a post for that day hop over to our YouTube channel  click videos. You’ll most likely find that days vlog there!

Here is Bloguaray post 3, Christmas with my Family! The boys were spoiled. Their reactions to their gifts were priceless!

To watch via YouTube click here

See ya tomorrow!

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My most favorite Christmas traditions are centered around our Christmas tree.

From taking the boys to the same tree lot each year, to giving them their special Christmas ornament, to quiet moments spent doing nothing but enjoying the beauty of the tree.

I LOVE it all!

This week during Bloguary I’ll be sharing our holiday vlogs. For us, the holidays always start with a trip to the tree lot!


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Our Family: 

What we love to do:
We continue to enjoy our time outdoors and try to get the boys outside as often as possible; family walks at a local park, watching the boys run around our culdesac or playing in the water in our backyard. Simple fun brings us so much joy. Day camping is one of our favorite things to do as a family! We get all the fun of camping but are home in time to shower and sleep in our own beds.

We traveled to Colorado this summer which is an annual trip we look forward to each year. We took the boys to Oklahoma for their first overnight camping trip along with family. We spent some time in Mountain View, Arkansas enjoying the fall foliage and the local folk music. I was invited out to Bismark, Arkansas to photograph cabins and decided to turn my business trip into a mini family vacation.

Around the House:
We remolded our kitchen this year which was a huge no no no make that extremely massive project. We had new counter tops, we painted our cabinets, installed new light fixtures, replaced our sink and stovetop. We did everything on our own except for the counter tops. It’s still somewhat in progress as we need to touch up a few things up and paint the walls but it looks like a completely new kitchen!

Carson moved from his crib to a big boy bed. We figured since we were already making the switch why not move the boys into a room together and get them bunk beds. They LOVE sharing a room and I feel that it has brought them even closer.




Kent learned several new skills this year during our kitchen remodel including dry walling and tile work. He amazes me how he can take something on figure it out and make it look like something he’s always known how to do.

Kent continues to work his buns off to support our family and is the most amazing father to our boys.

Those who know Kent know all about his love for food and cooking. He loves to find “new to us” restaurants to try mainly Asian food which we all enjoy! He’s an Instant Pot master and came up with a mean steak recipe this year! I jokingly tell him we need to do a “Kent Can Cook” series on the blog. I say jokingly although I do hope one day he’ll jump on here and share some of his sweet skills with y’all!



This was a big year for me. I started a new side hustle as a Monat rep and started working at the boy’s school as a substitute teacher. Both ventures have brought me so much joy and have been a blessing to our family!

I had some health stuff (nothing serious) come up at the beginning of the year. I took a good chunk of the year to focus on my body and to get to the root of what was causing all my issues. I found out that I’m gluten intolerant and have been gluten free for 5 months. Once I removed gluten from my diet several of my symptoms started to dissipate. I’m on track to getting back to my old healthy self!

I continue to enjoy photography but have stepped back from shooting professionally. I take on occasional jobs (especially those that involve travel and cabin photography) but until the boys are older I’m focusing on documenting my family at the moment. Documenting is a huge passion of mine weather it’s jotting down stories in the boy’s journals I’m keep for them, capturing a moment with my camera, or through a family vlog! Along the lines of documenting I made it a priority this year to print photos and place them in albums (I use the Project Life system which makes it so easy to keep up with). I was able to catch up on past years and keep a running album throughout the year. I hope to continue to makes this a focus in 2018.

Other than loving on my family and snuggling with our Brady-Boy (our dog) I’ve enjoyed reading a ton over the year. Audio books tend to fit into my current season of life but no matter how many audio books I fly through I always have a paperback going as well.





Our thinker
Our old soul
Our creative one
Our sweet sensitive love

Weston is rocking in his preschool class. He’s learning to read and write aka Kent and I can no longer spell words to each other without him saying “I know what that spells!” We now try to spell words faster which usually is more comical than anything else.

He’s favorite form of transportation is his scooter. He rides it alllll over the house. It’s 500x smaller that the Cozy Coupe so I’m TOTALLY fine with his scooter shenanigans. Weston is a bit clumsy (like his mama) but on his scooter some type of graceful magic happens. He comes up with all these spins and jump tricks never missing a beat. Kent and I get the biggest kick out of watching his scooter performances that he occasionally puts on for us.

Transformers for life! Although Power Rangers are slowly starting to creep in.

Funny Story: 

I was Watching Meet Joe Black while folding mountains of laundry. When a sad part hit I had a plethora of towels to use as my hankie. It was perfect! The boys come running in the door after going out with Kent to do a little shopping. I had 5 minutes of the movie left and I knew nothing inappropriate was coming so I decided to finish the movie thinking the boys would run off and play. Carson did but Weston took a seat right in my lap. We got to the sad part where Brad Pitt’s character walks over the bridge with Anthony Hopkins…..cue the water works! I started to ugly cry hoping that Weston wouldn’t see as his back was to me. Weston started rubbing my arm sweetly not saying a word and I was sure that he was onto me. He stopped for a minute and looked up at me and said “Mama?” in my head I started to prepare my answer for the question I knew was coming, Mama is just crying because it’s a sad moment in the movie. He said my name again, “Mama?” “Yes baby” I replied. Weston with heaps of concern on his face said “Mama I didn’t know you have some much meat on your booty.” Tears rolling down my cheeks as I was still mid movie cry I burst into laughter. I could tell by his face that he was truly concerned by the amount of meat I have on my booty and he’s right, there’s a decent amount of meat back there but that’s not at all how I saw our conversation going!

This story makes me giggle each time I think of it!



Carson aka Carsie-Bear: 

Our cuddler
Our smiley boy
Our curious bear
Our challenger

Carson started school this year! It took a while for him to get into the groove of it all but he’s loving it now! He and Weston are attached at the hip which is wonderful but we thought it would be good for him to have his own thing. It’s been neat to watch him spread his wings in his classroom this year. He’s learning letters and working on his counting.

Although his name is Carson he will tell you his name is Carsie-Bear, which is what we all call him. Carsie keeps us on our toes let me tell ya! He has strong pull to investigate and check things out which usually turns into a hot mess. While he can be a handful he melts our hearts on the daily with his sweet voice, his hugs, and the things he says.

Paw Patrol and Power Rangers are his jam! His Nana and Papa Mike gave him his first bike this Christmas! He’s excited for the weather to warm up so he can get outside and ride it.



In a very small nutshell here are a few document moments from my camera.


This post kicks off day 1 of Bloguary ( Blog + January = Bloguary )
This will be my 5th year tackling this project which I started back in 2014. While time consuming I always enjoy the creative outlet for the month and I sure hope you’ll follow along!

This year I’ll be focusing on catching up on our travel vlogs and things we’ve filmed throughout the year. I’ll be throwing in a few new vlogs as well as typed blog post into the mix but hope to finish the month out all caught up on vlog content. I’m going  to try my best to create a blog post for each vlog but be sure to follow along over on the YouTube channel by clicking the red subscribe button incase a few vlogs do not make it on the blog.

Bloguary Schedule:
I’ll be posting Monday – Thursday through the month of January leaving Friday open for some flexibility. I’m thinking live chats over in the blogs private FB group ( Blogs Private FB Group: Hanging With the Huies Friends ).

I’ll see you back here tomorrow for Day 2 which is will be the kickoff of our holiday vlogs!


Photo Credit: Our family photos were taken by the amazing Sarah from My Four Hens Photography

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We’re working on our summer bucket list and as part of my mama summer bucket list (yes of course I want in on that list action) I’m making sure I document every ounce of summer fun!

A few weeks back we went berry pickin’ at Wild Berry Farm. It was hot and humid and Weston may have pulled his pants down right in the middle of the berry bushes and peed the biggest pee I’ve ever seen. Nonetheless it was gosh darn fun and we now have another (oh yes this has happened before) pee story to tell Weston when he’s older!

Even though we were a hot and sweaty we stayed to enjoy all that the farm has to offer after we picked our berries! The boys loved the kid play area, the tractor ride, the farm animals, and Kent and I enjoyed the yummy berry themed menu at their cafe.

If you’re local I definitely recommend dropping in and filling a basket up with summer goodness!

Pretty sure this was right after he peed.
He was proud.
I was five shades of red.

How has your summer been?


Hi friends!

I took a couple weeks off from posting so I thought it would be fun to sit down, chat about what we’ve been up to, and have a cup of coffee together!

To watch via YouTube click here

A little update on Weston and his summer program woes (which I chatted about in the vlog).

He’s loving summer program! It took him a day to get adjusted to the change but he’s having blast and was tickled to make new friends. Whew I was a but nervous but he was excited to go each day and I think in the long run it will be good for him to experience the change of meeting new teachers and making new friends.

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