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I’ve gone though a roller coaster of emotions with my photography. Plenty of beautiful highs but also some lows. I’ve missed shooting for myself….shooting from a place of passion. Shooting in the way I wanted to shoot and not in a way that I knew was safe.

When you attach money and deadlines to something your heart loves it can change things. If you’re not smart in the way you go about this shift from passion to profession stress trickles in and creativity tends to take a backseat.

It happened to me. I let it happen.

But I now know better.

Here is the story of how I got back to a place of passion with my work.


I have the cutest little bosses that forced me to take a break from photography almost a year ago. Well photography as a profession I should say. I will always be a photographer. My boys needed me and I needed a break so I was happy to oblige.

After my second son was born I stepped back.

I took off my professional photographer hat and kissed the business I had spent 8 years building on the cheek goodbye.

It was a big move and oh boy did it makes my knees knock.

Who was I now?
What will I say when people ask what my profession is?
Will my clients remember me?
What about all that I worked so hard to build?
What happens next?


Seasons in life are a funny thing.
Sometimes we fight them.
Sometimes we welcome them with open arms.
Sometimes they present themselves with new found strength and perspective. If we’re ready to embrace the newness of the season we can learn and grow when we’re least expecting it.

This is what happened to me.

Being a full time mama to my boys is such a mighty gift and you best believe I’m soaking up all the wild and crazy they throw my way with a massively grateful heart. I’m exactly where I need to be. I have peace in this place. I now know the answers to all those questions I had above. The Why’s and the What-if’s. The things I was so worried over no longer cause me grief and I feel that this break has been the best thing for my family, my marriage, my self, and surprisingly my photography.

By taking a step back I’ve been able to think…..
What drives me creatively?
What fuels my passion for photography?
What do I want for my family and myself when I’m back to shooting professionally?
What would I do differently as a business owner to insure that I stay in a place of passion with my craft?


I’ve been able to think through all the answers to these questions and have learned and grown so much as a photographer over the last year.

While I’m not working at the moment per se I have taken on a few shoots here there from long time clients that I just can’t say bye to. The clients that trust my creative eye and allow me to shoot what I love to shoot. Real raw moments. They aren’t afraid of photos where their family members aren’t all smiling while looking at the camera. They see value in capturing real connection. They allow me to create in a way that sets my heart on fire.

Taking a step back has brought me to a place of love for photography and given me the confidence to push for what I’m passionate about. I more proud of the work I’m producing now than I’ve been in a very long time. I have this break, this stay at home mama season to thank for it!

Many of us see those posed family photos pop up on our Facebook walls and think that’s what photography is supposed to be.

Hand here
Hip there
Head here

Oh but photography can be so much much if you let it.


Don’t get me wrong grandparents love those posed everyone looking at the camera photos and there is a time and place for images of this nature. I still sneak in a few shots like this in my sessions but majority of what I’m aiming for is something more real.

Something more natural.

I’m just not that posed perfection photographer. It wasn’t my jam when I was in the thick of shooting but I didn’t fight for it. I delivered beautiful work. Images I’m still proud of but it was work that I knew my clients wanted.

It was safe but not me.


My time is precious. If I’m shooting or editing I’m away from my boys and that’s time with them that I can’t get back. If I’m out shooting I want it to be spent creating something I’m passionate about. So while I work my way back to reopening my doors full time (not until it feels right for my family). I will be taking on the occasional shoot here and there. Sessions that I know will be a good fit for my creative eye and clients that aren’t afraid to trust in me 100%.

I’m proud of the work I’m creating and feel ready to share it with you.
The photography side of this blog have been nonexistent for a while but finding my place of passion with my work has me itching to chat about all things photography on the blog again.

As the weeks go on I’m going to start sharing some recent sessions I’ve shot with you and well as images I taken from our day to day life.

Hope that you guys are willing join me on this journey because this is a huge season of growth for this old photographer and I couldn’t be more excited about the future!


  • Kelsey - First of all, these images are all so beautiful!

    Secondly, I LOVVVVVE your style! We recently parted ways with our family photographer, who has taken our pics for the last two years. Don’t get me wrong, I love those pictures that we have of us as our family grew. They will always be priceless! But in my journey of trying to find a new photographer, I’ve found that everyone around here (in my budget) has the same posed style. So please don’t stop listening to your creative heart and mind!! That natural style is very hard to come by!ReplyCancel

I’m so behind on editing our travel vlogs. I’ve been hoping to crank those out before getting back into vlogging our day to day stuff.


At this rate if I keep waiting to do that I’ll miss out on so much preciousness.
Case in point this week’s vlog!

The boys were all kinds of cute and our “visitor” was hilarious! I’m so glad I decided to pull the vlogging camera out!

Our travel vlogs (Seattle, Alaska and Colorado and soon Arkansas) are on their way but until then I’m going to keep vlogging our day to day stuff!

Weston melted my heart in this one.
Want to take stab at the part that had me in a puddle on the floor?
Let me know your guess in your comment below! I’ll reply to let you know if you guessed correctly!

  • Kim Fry - I’m gonna guess when Weston says the sunset was so pretty!! That made my heart smile too!! You’re doing something right Mama when they notice those things and he probably has your love for the outdoors as well!! Your coffee table looks great in your living room and your Mom’s house is beautiful!! Hooray for family evenings and Texas sunsets.. Thanks so sharing!!ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - YES! Ugh that sweet boys. I just about melted when he said that….out of no where. Thank you for all the sweet words. Bwahaha I’m still going back and forth on the gosh darn coffee table. It sure is pretty though!ReplyCancel

As many of you know I’m a mountain girl at heart.
If you’ve been following our family for a while you’re familiar with our annual trip to Colorado and just how special that time in the mountains is to our family.

I’ll save you the sappy talk about pretty mountains kissing the clouds and golden fields that go on and on and jump to the part where my dream comes true……..

Family photos….in the Colorado mountains…..with a sweet soul named Sarah from My Four Hen’s Photography.

Way back to when I first got into photography (8 years ago) I fell in love with Sarah’s work. The way she captures that special bond between a family. The way she creates art and highlights love with her camera. There’s no put your hip there turn your head here during her sessions. It’s pure raw connection. The real deal.

This was how I wanted my family to be captured. This was how I hop to capture my own clients.

I reached out to Sarah earlier this year to inquire about a family session during our Colorado trip. Thankfully our calendars lined up and we were able to make it happen.
While working with Sarah was definitely the cherry on top having our family captured while nestled in the Colorado mountains was a dream come true!

If you happen to be new to Sarah’s work your will soon realize why we drove six hours to work with her. Why I did my make up in the review mirror of our van and got dressed in a public bathroom. Why I dressed my boys on the roadside right as the shoot was getting started. Why we kept our boys up way past their bed time and drove back to our cabin in the dark of the mountains through a nasty storm. I know it all sounds very dramatic but making this work wasn’t easy. I knew 100% what Sarah would capture would be worth it and y’all I was so right!

Sarah delivered pieces of art that have our hearts and hers attached to them; beautiful moments of Kent and I loving hard on our boys.
Treasures we’ll cherish for a life time.

And because I like my photos with I picked out a little diddy for you to listen to while you’re enjoying Sarah’s work.

1. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography
3. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography k14w 4. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 5. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 6. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 7. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 8. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 9. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 10. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 11. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 12. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 13. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 14. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 15. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 16. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 17. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 18. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 19. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 20. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 21. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 22. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 23. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 24. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 25. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 26. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 27. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 27. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 28. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 29. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 30. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 31. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 32. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography 33. family photos hangingwiththehuies.com My Four Hens Photography

Upcoming blog goodness that you can get involved in!
– October 27th: Halloween Costume Parade for details on how to join in look here
– December: Christmas Card Exchange
– January/February: Valentines Box Swap

Plus lots of fun post and vlogs coming your way!
Be sure you’re following along in our journey so you don’t miss out!

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  • Jessica @Myhealthypassion - omgosh! I LOVE these! and your right…the music makes the pictures more sweet! <3ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - Thank you! Sarah worked her magic for sure! Glad that you enjoyed the song too!ReplyCancel

  • Linnea - These turned out GREAT! You look so beautiful!ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - Thank you! After doing my makeup in the car and getting dressed in a public bathroom I had no idea how everything was going to come together. I did my hair in the bathroom stall using my reverse camera on my phone hahahah super classy, right!ReplyCancel

  • Jenessa Sawyer - I didn’t want them to end. So beautiful!!ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - Hi Jenessa! Thank you for the love!ReplyCancel

  • Debbie - Beautiful family and the pictures are great!ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - Thank you so much Debbie! Sarah was amazing to work with!ReplyCancel

  • Danielle Beinke - They turned out beautiful!ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - Thank you Danielle! We’re over the moon with them! Now to figure out how I want to showcase them.ReplyCancel


Waaaaaayyyyy back in the “Domestic Princess in Training” (my old blog)  days I used to host a Halloween costume parade with my readers.

Folks would send in photos of themselves dressed in homemade Halloween costumes.
I would play Grand Marshal and conduct a costume parade right on the blog.

It was pure festive fun for those involved as well as the folks who enjoyed attending the parade (and by attending I mean visiting the parade blog post to ooh and aah over all the awesome costumes!)

It’s been a few years since I’ve done this.
I have no idea why I stopped doing it in the first place but I think it’s high time to bring the costume parade back!

I would love for you to join in and friends there will be winners and of course prizes……awesome prizes so you’ll want to participate!

Details on how to enter below…..

Who Can Join:
-This is a costume parade kiddos yes even of the furry kind. If you don’t have a human baby fur babies dressed up in costume count too!
Who doesn’t LOVE seeing littles AND pets dressed up in a Halloween costume, am I right?

-US only please as we will have a winner and I would like to keep the shipping cost reasonable for prizes that will be mailed out.

How to Enter:
Email one photo of your child and or pet dressed up in their Halloween costume to: hangingwiththehuies@gmail.com
Please title your email: Costume Parade Entry. Within your email include their first name, age and what they’re dressed up as. If you prefer to not include their name give them a fake name!
I will share your photo within our Costume Parade post and readers will be able to vote on their favorite.

-One entry per person please. If you have more than one child you would like to enter please submit one photo with both children/pets in the photo.

The photo you submit should be clear and showcase your littles costume! In the past photos that were creative and of good quality always did well. With that being said don’t make it too complicated. Just a nice clear shot where we can see your child or fur baby showing off their costume would be great.

The deadline to submit your photo is before Halloween! If you’re not able to get your child or pet in their costume before the deadline a photo from a previous year works as well!

Deadline to Submit Photos:
All participants will need to have their photos emailed to me no later than Monday, October 24th. This takes a bit of time on my end to organize and get all the photos ready for the post so I will not be able to take late entries, sorry friends.

The parade will be held here on October 27th! Once the costume parade post goes live you’ll be able to leave a comment and vote on your favorite costume. I will tally up the votes and a winner will be selected on Halloween day. I’m working on the prize bag for our winner but I promise it will be something you’ll be excited to win!

Looking For Vendors:
I’m currently looking for vendors who would like to donate to our prize basket. If you’re a shop owner, Etsy dealer, or someone who would like to donate please reach out so we can chat. You can contact me via the chat feature above or via email at hangingwiththehuies@gmail.com

All vendors will be showcased within our costume parade post!

If you’re not a vendor but know someone who may be interested please get them in contact with me so we can chat!

IMG_7424Carson’s costume from last year. With all that hair how could I not dress him us as Elvis!

Looking forward to seeing your entries!


Weston is officially a student and lucky me his pre-school is close to a thrift store.

Totally not planned but YIPPEE SKIPPY!

I recently popped in (kid free) and had a grand ole’ time digging through the treasures.
Before I knew it what I thought would be a “quick thrift store pop in” turned into a 2 hour shopping trip.

I mean when you’re kid free AND in a thrift store you really have to milk that time am I right?

Want to see what I scored?



We gave Weston the fire truck on his birthday.

He flipped!
Probably his favorite gift. Well that and the $1 dinosaur flyers I picked up at The Dollar Tree.
Cheap thrills eh?

Have you found anything awesome during a recent thrifting trip? If so I must know!

  • Kelsey - You found AWESOME finds!! I’m sitting here thinking “we don’t have that good of a selection at our goodwill!” But then I think to myself that I haven’t given ours much of a chance. So I will be doing some thrifting this weekend! Thanks for the inspiration! (And just in time for shopping for Christmas gifts for Cora. Because why pay full price for toys!)ReplyCancel

  • Lindsay - FYI I couldn’t hear the air conditioner! You did a great job masking the sound! 😉 Also, the quality of your videos are awesome! Must be your new Vlogging camera!ReplyCancel